20 minutes of piano improvisation at 2am, recorded June 2008. I am just randomly improvising without really knowing much about music theory, so forgive my many mishaps here and there.
A short piano piece that I composed in September 2006.
A short piano piece that I composed in June 2006 based on the harmonic chord progressions of Joe Hisaishi's 'Going Out'
My piano adaption/arrangement of a theme in Kitaro's Heaven and Earth album
Canon in D - composed by Johann Pachalbel, arranged by my piano teacher Robert Van Horne, performed by myself on a Yamaha PS120 in February 2006
This is a piano piece that I composed and performed myself during my first semester at UC Berkeley in 1999. The chirping you hear in the background was my old laptop's hard drive recording the music

I really enjoy videography and usually take my DSLR around to capture various public events that I post on my channel
Over the period ~15 months, I walked around with my DSLR in Central Park to capture its natural beauty as New York goes through its four seasons. Shot in 2012-2013.
Arriving in Hanoi, Vietnam a few days ahead of a meet-up, I was bored and rented a scooter and drove around with my camcorder in this city to capture the every-day life of its residents. "A Day In Hanoi" is a collection of those videos. Shot in 2004.
My graduation speech at the University of California, Berkeley, May 2001
My graduation speech at Leibniz High School, Gelsenkirchen, Germany, June 1997