A short piano piece that I composed in September 2006.
A short piano piece that I composed in June 2006 based on the harmonic chord progressions of Joe Hisaishi's 'Going Out'
My piano adaption/arrangement of a theme in Kitaro's Heaven and Earth album
Canon in D - composed by Johann Pachalbel, arranged by my piano teacher Robert Van Horne, performed by myself on a Yamaha PS120 in February 2006
This is a piano piece that I composed and performed myself during my first semester at UC Berkeley in 1999. The chirping you hear in the background was my old laptop's hard drive recording the music

I am a hobby videographer and sometimes shoot various videos that I post on my channel
Using a Phantom Standard 3 drone, I captured the beauty of New York City's Central Park in autumn with its turning color and falling leaves. This was shot over multiple flights in the fall of 2015.
Over the period ~15 months, I walked around with my DSLR in Central Park to capture its natural beauty as New York goes through its four seasons. Shot in 2012-2013.
Arriving in Hanoi, Vietnam a few days ahead of a meet-up, I was bored and rented a scooter and drove around with my camcorder in this city to capture the every-day life of its residents. "A Day In Hanoi" is a collection of those videos. Shot in 2004.
My graduation speech at the University of California, Berkeley, May 2001
My graduation speech at Leibniz High School, Gelsenkirchen, Germany, June 1997