Hoán chuyển tiếng Việt / Vietnamese Conversions (Vietnet/VIQR, VNI, VPS, VISCII, VNU, TCVN, VietWare, unicode)

Phương tiện nầy giúp bạn chuyển dịch nhanh giữa các bài viết tiếng Việt có Formats và Encoding khác nhau, ví dụ như là Vietnet, VIQR, VNI, VPS, VISCII, TCVN, VNU, VietWare và Unicode. Chỉ cần Copy và Paste bài Text tiếng Việt vào Khung dưới đây, và chọn loại chuyển dịch (Conversion) nào thích hợp - (thì bài Text tiếng Việt sẽ hiện ra ngay). Nếu bạn không chọn được loại conversion nào thích hợp, hoặc gặp trở ngại nào, xin email cho tôi biết!

This utility allows you to quickly convert between different Vietnamese text formats and encodings such as Vietnet / VIQR (Vietnamese Quote-Readable), VNI, VPS, VISCII, TCVN, VNU, VietWare and Unicode. Simply paste the Vietnamese text into the box below and choose the right conversion type. Are you missing a conversion type or found a bug? Please let me know!
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Version history

February 11th, 2016 April 3rd, 2015 January 21th, 2015
  • Added support for conversion from VNU and unicode.
July 13th, 2013
  • Added support for conversion from VietWare and unicode
June 2nd, 2013
  • Rejoice: I've completely revamped both the web application as well as the Android application to allow you to convert from any format to any other format!
May 19th, 2013 February 10th, 2013
  • I added two new conversions: Unicode -> VNI as well as VPS -> VNI. I think the reason people asked for this is because VNI has better font support in publishing.
January 12th, 2013 January 1th, 2013 December 31st, 2012
  • I added two new conversions: VISCII (Vietnamese Standard Code for Information Interchange) to Unicode, as well as Unicode to ASCII (which essentially just removes all Vietnamese diatrics).
  • As forewarned, I have removed support for the old tool.
November 18th, 2012
  • Vietnamese Conversions has been rewritten into GWT/Javascript. This means that the conversion is happening on the client-side only, and is very fast. You can also disconnect from the internet and still convert. How awesome is that? I will add this as an offline-capable application to the Chrome Web Store as well soon.
  • I've dropped support for HTML, HTML_UTF8 -> Unicode conversion, because frankly that's not a Vietnamese-related conversion. If you just save the file as a text file and open it up in a web browser, it will work just as fine.
  • I am very interested in adding more support for different types, so please let me know what you would like to see.